Saturday, October 18, 2014

It's Diwali!

Diwali is still a couple of days away if you are not one of those into all that disproportionate assets case, early Diwali and stuff.

If you are an outsider and lucky to have emerged successfully out of the IRCTC with rail tickets, your next challenge is getting your leave approved by your manager. Getting your leaves approved is no mean feat. You just have to find the best possible time when you know your manager is least pissed off and less likely to reject. It also includes veiled lobbying during coffee breaks and sharing cryptic leave related jokes to the Whatsapp group to which the manager is also a part of. After all this hard work, you just cannot afford to get complacent, for it is a test of will, patience and perseverance to reach Central/Egmore/CMBT from office and then to your home town.

As we get old the way we celebrate has changed. From the days of nagging our fathers for an extra box of crackers and roll cap for the gun, to, standing at the brink of bankruptcy after all the shopping.. At this point of life, all I want to do is climb to the terrace on the Diwali night and watch fireworks for free.

With Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, Amazon and several other online retail what-nots employing their never-seen-before marketing tactics have drilled deep holes in our wallets by taking advantage of our weakness for big, blinking, 90+% discount marquees on their websites.

I-have-more-crackers-left-wth-me-than-yours is now taken over by my-diwali-is-better-than-yours Facebook statuses and pictures. Then there are also those environment friendly folks who give endless lectures about how bursting crackers can cause a hole not only in the ozone layer but also in the roof of the huts in the neighborhood.

New movie releases! And Yes, Happy New Year is releasing for Diwali and I'm not sure if SRK is working on a movie named Diwali to release it on January 1st. Besides this confusion in Bollywood, these days in Kollywood, the actual suspense is not in the plot of movie but in its release!

To me, unarguably, the best part of Diwali or any other festival for that matter, is to get in touch with those friends you have not spoken for years. Because you really don't know how awkward it is to call somebody, after ages, just to check if he could lend us some money after our lavish Diwali celebrations. :)

Advance Diwali Wishes Folks!




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