Saturday, August 31, 2013


Change is not easy as we think or say. Change is inevitable. How often do we think that it is easy to change the job in which we are currently in? People don't think of a change when they can still tolerate. They think of it only there is no way out. We are always comforted by routine. Time gifts the prize of familiarity. And seldom we are ready to lose that familiarity. It is happy to meet the people you already know everyday, who knows are likes and dislikes. We think it is a destiny to meet the people you are with right now. The fact is that they were also just acquaintances in the beginning. 

People of this century are confronted with uncertainty. Every morning, we wake up with the feeling of uncertainty. We are ready to do anything and everything for that one certain moment, that one certain chance, that one certain opportunity, that one certain friendship. When certainty is so much prized, taking a decision to change is not easy. People hate to see change in others, because it does not align with their expectations. People fear to change themselves, for it not only costs them the comfort of familiarity but also the fear of non-acceptance. People who change often are always under constant watch by others, to be preached when they fail or fall. Change is a risk. Sometimes it is a risk not taking risk at all!


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  1. And am so lucky to meet an acquaintance who seldom changes in this changing world.. :-)



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