Sunday, October 28, 2012

Deja Vu

After a really long time, I had a chance to revisit and read my earlier blogs. It was the time I was jobless after completing engineering. My several attempts to get a job wasn't fruitful and I had to do something get the attention of people; had to prove people, society that I'm not done yet. So I began this blog. Named it as catharses. This word, catharsis, I read in one of Big B's blog. It was so apt to name my blog after it. Started writing so much and fell in love with writing. Writing forced me to read a lot. Know things, people, life.

Then came the disaster in the late March 2010. I got employed in a company. My repeated attempts to continue my blog weren't successful. I lost the flow in my writing. I still remember posting on my Facebook wall after six months of my employment:

"Jobless when I had aim; Aimless when I have a job"

There are so many unfinished blogs saved in my computer which I thought I would never post, until today, when I re-read my earlier posts. I still remember one of my friends sending me a big message on Facebook appreciating my blog. I still remember feeling proud when one of my colleagues suddenly stood up from the seat and said "you'll become a writer one day". These moments are the ones that makes me feel good that I've been so different the crowd then and now regret how normal a person I've become. I hate so much to be a normal person. I don't like be just another brick in the wall. I hate to be what I am right now. I want a rebirth. I wish my life had a factory reset button. I wish to use my passion for writing as one.


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