Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another ‘Bus’time Story

Standing at the bus stand at nine in the night, in the sweltering heat, all you can pray for is nothing less than an AC Volvo Bus with a vacant seat! When I saw the same, before I had finish my prayers, I was more than relieved.

I don't love travelling in a bus. I don't hate it either. At least you don't have to worry about getting caught by the traffic cop for the lack of insurance papers or the impending scratch the next car is going to cause to your vehicle. In case of a bus, all you got to worry about is to get a seat and a ticket! I did not have any problems getting the two tonight. Experience matters. Sitting in the middle of the middle three seats in the Volvo is a not an easy job in hands. As long as you have a right balance, you can chase the climax pages of your James Hadley Chase novel, without a free fall from the seat. The bus driver's poor lane discipline almost transformed the middle of the road as his bus stop.

My eyes that were glued to the brown tinted pages of the book got slightly distracted by the foot-tapping sound of an approaching girl wearing high heels. I was really proud of my hearing capabilities when I saw a pair of fair feet clenched in red high heels, walking towards the vacant seat to the left of me. The book kept me so busy that I didn't have anything more to say about her. There were other two guys one wearing sneakers and the other wearing a sewed leather shoes. The girl next to me didn't have a voice to keep in mind but it distracted me as she was now speaking on her phone. The conversation was nothing more than teaching the person on the other end to prepare popcorn. She cut the phone only to annoy me again with her blaring headphones!

All I was doing was just giving a reading pose for the CCTV cameras installed in the bus. The feet of the two men were pointed towards the girl suggested me that they were looking at her. The curse of being beautiful? I was just worried if the girl sitting next to me was beautiful, proving my theory wrong; the beauty of a girl sitting in the bus is inversely proportional to the distance between you and her! I was no more reading the book. The bus was almost nearing its destination. It means that I'll be able to decide if my theory needs to have an exception in case of a Volvo bus.

The bus driver's jerking halt was his announcement to the passengers that they need to get down. I delayed my exit from the bus giving myself a better chance of knowing whether the theory needs an exception. The moment I got down the bus I was sure of two things. Those two guys really had a bad taste and my theory holds damn good without any exception!!

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