Friday, September 4, 2009

This is Too Much!!

Today September 04, 2009 in the page 14 of Times of India there was this important news.

Barack Obama’s daughter Sasha tries to sneak in on him from behind a sofa in the Oval Office.

What if Obama was some person working as a government servant in India, living in a 500 sq. ft., single bedroom house and Sasha was a 5th standard student studying in a government school. Just because he is the president of the most powerful country, not every activity in house becomes news for people. Americans may be proud of their first citizen’s daughter’s mischief, but Indians are surely not. I don’t think this could have made news even in the American newspapers. We, in India pray for Obama to become the President, to whom throwing out Indians was the primary goal. Indians are too innocent. ‘Indians’a ellorum romba nallavanga’nu solranga!’


  1. Haha got to agree this is too much! but its making interesting news and people buy it! :P

  2. Hey friend, THanks for sharing me the Dido songs, I love all her numbers, I must have listen to white flag like upteem times :) I love life for rent, here with me and sand in my shoes :)
    Thanks mate



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