Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mother of all Rivalries!!

India and cricket are synonymous to each other. For the last two months with no cricket involving India, it was very boring. Even the Champion’s Trophy so far was as dull as watching chess match! Today is going to be the clash of India and Pakistan! There has been enough build up to the match by our Goswamis and Sardesais. The headlines they use to describe the match are so provocative that they may even trigger war between the two countries. It was during the time when India and Pakistan were too friendly on the field; Twenty20 World Cup finals revived the rivalry between the two teams. India-Pakistan rivalry is too special. It’s more than cricket between them; it’s a different ball game altogether. I just wanted to compile some of the memorable instances of India-Pakistan clashes before the match starts today!


  1. syed afridi said that upto now MSD had won all the matches due to his Good Luck. And in this match with Pak MSD has proved it. Godd Luck is not always in one's favour!

  2. rightly said! luck favours the brave and MSD has stopped taking brave decisions as he used to.



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