Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mother of all Rivalries!!

India and cricket are synonymous to each other. For the last two months with no cricket involving India, it was very boring. Even the Champion’s Trophy so far was as dull as watching chess match! Today is going to be the clash of India and Pakistan! There has been enough build up to the match by our Goswamis and Sardesais. The headlines they use to describe the match are so provocative that they may even trigger war between the two countries. It was during the time when India and Pakistan were too friendly on the field; Twenty20 World Cup finals revived the rivalry between the two teams. India-Pakistan rivalry is too special. It’s more than cricket between them; it’s a different ball game altogether. I just wanted to compile some of the memorable instances of India-Pakistan clashes before the match starts today!

Friday, September 4, 2009

This is Too Much!!

Today September 04, 2009 in the page 14 of Times of India there was this important news.

Barack Obama’s daughter Sasha tries to sneak in on him from behind a sofa in the Oval Office.

What if Obama was some person working as a government servant in India, living in a 500 sq. ft., single bedroom house and Sasha was a 5th standard student studying in a government school. Just because he is the president of the most powerful country, not every activity in house becomes news for people. Americans may be proud of their first citizen’s daughter’s mischief, but Indians are surely not. I don’t think this could have made news even in the American newspapers. We, in India pray for Obama to become the President, to whom throwing out Indians was the primary goal. Indians are too innocent. ‘Indians’a ellorum romba nallavanga’nu solranga!’

A Death and Two Funerals

Yesterday was a day when the world saw the death of one the dynamic chief ministers of the country that unfolded in episodes. The day began with the first episode where rescue team resumed one of the biggest search operations of the country. The second episode was when one of the channels reported that some wreckage of the copter was found. The channel called ‘Sakshi TV’ ironically belonged to YSR’s family was the one to report it first. One of the helicopters that were hovering around the crash site dropped a paper wrapped around Lifebuoy soap. The paper contained the GPS coordinates of the crash site. All along the search operation YSR was believed to be alive as ELT was not triggered. Unfortunately YSR and other co passengers were after all human beings. All the rescue team could bring back were their mortal remains. This is the saddest part of all.

When the whole of India were glued on TV to watch funeral of YSR, the rest of the world also had another funeral to be watched. It was the funeral of Michael Jackson, the king of pop. There can be nobody in this world who never knew of the person called Michael Jackson. He is, was and will be the most famous person on earth. Chinna kozhandhaiya keta kooda theriyum. He is a person who has influenced people of multiple generations. His works have inspired a lot of Kollywood directors. Shankar is one such director who has exploited MJ’s works in most of his films. Some of them are ‘Maya Machindra’ song from Indian is based on ‘Remember the Time’ of MJ, Anniyan climax is based on ‘Thriller’ video’s climax, ‘Kannodu Kanbathellam’ song from Jeans where a skeleton will be made to dance is based on MJ’s song called ‘Ghosts’, ‘Break the Rules’ song from Boys is based on ‘They don’t really care about us’ number of MJ and a lot more. He is a genius. He healed the world. He was gone too soon.

"Man has but three events in his life: to be born, to live, and to die. He is not conscious of his birth, he suffers at his death and he forgets to live." -Jean de la Bruyere


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