Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When Pigs Flew!!

It seems that the Chennaiites are gripped with the fear of H1N1 virus spreading all over the city. Today when I went to Velachery MRTS railway station to drop my father, I saw a large group of people wearing masks following the precautions set down by the government. School children were seen wearing masks when they were taken to the school by the parents. Most school children are expecting an extended summer vacations. Middle aged office goers seem to take no chances with the global pandemic. They were seen sporting a handkerchief tied around their mouth. Elderly people were not so much threatened by the virus. The death of a 4 year boy at Velachery has really made the residents of that area panic. This H1N1 virus seems to spare not even doctors trying to cure the patients. I wish India doesn’t have as many casualties as in other parts of the world. I wish our state governments work in tandem with the central government and tackle the consequences of the virus. I wish our politicians do not rake up this issue for political gains. I wish you to read the directions given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If you are a procrastinator, click here.


  1. hey Din the click here link is the first link returned for your H1N1 search in google....Hope am rite....am i????

    And yeah the day has come...May be we never dreamt of as we all were saying hilariously "When Pigs flew "....and it has happened so the only possible way to escape the flying pigs "PREVENTION" ....Be safe ...Do look out for the follow up of this post in my blog [:P]...Sorry Din ..a made a comment as a small post lol...watch out in my blog for the follow up of this post ..oops sorry follow up of this comment ...

  2. may be! i searched for guidelines given by WHO and i got that link.

  3. oh i wish good for everyone.. i hope this gets over soon..and no life is lost..

  4. Apt title, ues its a panic, hope everything is settled now

  5. there's one person in my area still roaming around with masks!! romba bayantha subhavam pola irukku!!



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