Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thank You!

I did not want my blog to become a Michael Jackson. He was gone too soon, but I did not want my blog to follow MJ’s way. Having decided not to post technical tips, tricks, tweaks, twists, turns, so on and so forth (unless I find one myself), there was nothing to post. Moreover I have not started attending walk-in interviews. At least such experiences would have provided some fodder for my thoughts, as it did for one of my friends.

The other day when my father was simply browsing the system, he came to know about my blog. He was so happy and proud that he messaged all his colleagues about the blog. The next day when I was at his office to get some of my certificates attested, they were enquiring about my blog. I was very happy. When I was sharing this with my friend Encyclo he told me that even his father was asking him why I have not updated my blog. I felt even happier. Sometimes we feel happier when appreciation comes from unexpected sides. Having got some readership, deciding a blog topic becomes a little complex. Now I feel a little committed to my blog followers and I am trying to post something else other than about my college life. College days were easily the best part of life to blog on. No extra effort is needed to pen them down. Considering the readers from diverse backgrounds, posting becomes finicky. I like to be committed and let this commitment help my blog to get better. I‘ve got a lot of plans to make the blog interesting and I hope to get support from my readers as always.


  1. ur blog s really gud nd intresting..i thought it ud b some technical spices...-:))bt dis s unexpected..keep posting ur ideas..i really njoyd it..

  2. even i told ma frnds abt ur blog...



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