Saturday, June 27, 2009

What's Nxt?

Graduation completed. What’s next? People have started asking. They were asking when we completed high school. They asked, me when we were doing our college. They are asking us now. They’ll be asking even when we get something to do next. Why the hell they are worried? They are not even bothered to help us. We are not even bothered to give these people a slightest glance, but still they ask, ‘aduthu enna panna pora?’

I know people who do nothing to better their position in the company, do nothing to better them. I know someone who was a clerk, when I was doing, 5th standard. A clerk when I completed 12th standard. Still a clerk when I completed graduation. Had he ever thought of himself, he would have improved. So do you know what’s next for him? He’ll hang a name-board bearing ‘MR. WHAT’S NEXT, Retd. Clerk”. After some more days when we come across obituary column we see, “MR. WHAT’S NEXT, Retd. Clerk”, below his photo.

They say they care for us. They say they have a concern for us. Who on this earth are more concerned about us than ourselves. Who on this earth are as concerned about us as our parents?

We joined college when software industry was at a high. People were simply earning like anything. During those days, when my father and I go to supermarket, I used to look at MNC employees shopping. They don’t even care to look how much a thing costs. What they do is, just go around put everything that interests them in the basket. But now, everything possible has happened to make them know the value of money.

Most people ask what’s next just boast of himself or his neighbour’s relative’s tenant’s distant relative’s son or daughter. People ask, “What are you going to do now?” They don’t even care to listen what we say. They’ll start blowing their own trumpets.

The next reason why they ask is to kill some time. Let them pass time by warming the chairs, sofas and benches at home, staring at the TV, reading newspaper, anything and everything that does not disturb us. Why do they simply hang around us when we are so much mystified by what’s happening around us.

So, what I am trying to say is, when someone asks you what you are going to do next, just check if that person is worth to get an answer from you. Otherwise answer something else (spiced up with some holy words) and just walk off.


  1. Nice blog. Keep updating frequently.

    Great to know the feelings of young man. I fully accept what you say. This attitude of comparison is what kills the creativity & individuality of youngsters. Simply don't worry about others. Just follow your heart.

    BTW just tell me.....What Next.....?

    Read my blog for inspiring real life success stories.

  2. good blog, i understand your feelings



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